Measure Q

Measure Q is a sales tax that supports improvements to general City services, including youth services to help reduce gang activity; improved police presence in San Pablo schools and neighborhoods; and support for job training and economic development. 

Measure Q is a temporary tax that increases the sales tax by 1/2-cent for 5 years and then decreases by 1/4-cent in November 2017 for the next 5 years.  After 10 years in November 2022, the temporary increase will expire and the rate will return to its former level.  

In June 2012, San Pablo residents turned out in record numbers to support Measure Q.  At 73.6%, Measure received the second highest voter support in all the State.  A Citizens’ Oversight Committee is charged to review use of the funds throughout the duration of the tax to ensure that monies are spent appropriately. 

Utility User’s Tax

In November 2004, voters lowered the City of San Pablo's Utility Users Tax (UUT) rate to 7% on cable television, telephone, electricity, natural gas and water service.  This tax is collected by each respective utility and remitted to the City.

Revenue generated from the UUT enables the City of San Pablo to maintain its existing service delivery and City-provided programs to the community as approved in the currently adopted budget.
Utility Users Tax Remittance Form

Transient Occupancy Tax

Transient Occupancy Tax, commonly called “Hotel Tax” is a tax on hotel occupants (“transients”) for the privilege of staying in any hotel in San Pablo.  In this way, people visiting the City of San Pablo and driving on City streets, utilizing City police, fire and emergency medical services, pay their fair share to support such services.  The tax rate is 12.0% and is levied and collected by the hotel operator and remitted to the City.